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October 2, 2013

feelings of the Tyrolese

by ada

Tiroler Edelweiss


Tiroler Tageszeitung

old Tirol newspapers


man reading in a coffehouse in Innsbruck

coffee cup


cheese in Markthalle Innsbruck

Markthalle Innsbruck 2

Markthalle Innsbruck

golden man in Innsbruck


trash bin in Innsbruck

Tiroler Wahlplakate

klangspuren schwaz Innsbruck 2



graffiti Innsbruck 2

Andreas Hofer

July 24, 2013

summertime and the living is easy

by ada

Untitled 70

Untitled 68

July 10, 2013

conversations with my coworkers – part 7

by ada

(Because sometimes the one without brains is me).

We are sitting in the nurses’ room, suffering from the usual workday afternoon energy level crash after 8 hours of constant stress and running-around and still 5 hours to go.

coworker: Wow. We have ecological dishwasher.

me: What is a co-logical dishwasher?

coworker: Ecological.

me: Oncological?! Extra for the needs of cancer patients?

coworker: ECOLOGICAL!

me: Oh. Do we have some more coffee?

May 25, 2013

Salzburg – Cafe Fürst

by ada

cafe fürst 1

original Mozartkugeln

cafe fürst 3

cafe fürst 2

cafe fürst 5

cafe fürst 4

May 20, 2013

that’s what I love about Sunday

by ada

Sleeping in till 8 o’clock (instead of having to crawl out of bed at 5.30 am, as usual) and having a lazy and comfortable breakfast.


Meeting a friend in the Altstadt.

Salzburg Kaipromenade Salzachgalerien

Visiting the craft fair Salzachgalerien.


Spending some time in silence.


Coffee with homemade chocolate.


Letter trains for Milo and Móricka, bought at the craft fair.

name trains

Spending the afternoon with eliminating moving boxes to make this new flat full of furniture and colours I don’t like, a bit more comfortable.


Doing the laundry (I love to do the laundry).


Organic, grass-fed pastrami, lamb bone broth and pineapples for dinner.


Going to bed with a book, knowing that tomorrow I can sleep as long as I want.


May 12, 2013

Salzburg – Café Tomaselli

by ada

Café Tomaselli

Café Tomaselli

Café Tomaselli

Café Tomaselli

Café Tomaselli

March 10, 2013

I have been young, and now am not too old

by ada

birthday flowers


December 26, 2012


by ada

Drinking coffee and exchanging Christmas presents.


October 21, 2012


by ada

Well, all I did today was visiting McDonald’s for a coffee, but at least I did it with style.

September 9, 2012

Móricka meets Salzburg

by ada

As you probably have noticed already, I have some computer trouble lately, so there were and will be no regular updates for some time (I’m using now the laptop of my coworker who was nice enough to lend it to me).

July 24, 2012


by ada

Drinking coffee with Móricka.

July 5, 2012


by ada

This was the day I began working at 7 am and at 9 am I was already tired enough to take the elevator for going up one floor. This was the day my blood pressure needed four cups of coffee to climb up to the dangerous heights of 110/70. And this was the day I didn’t take any photos at all.

I successfully got over the first half of my Project 365 without missing a day. It is more than I trusted myself at the beginning of the year, so I’m just fine with skipping one.

June 27, 2012


by ada

Waiting for the night train to Utrecht at München Hauptbahnhof.

May 13, 2012


by ada

It was really cold and rainy the whole day, and I’m coming off coffee right now, so I just slept the day through (and I mean it literally). The few hours I was awake I spent with reading Perry Mason stories on my computer. I was desperately in need of some rest, so it was just perfect the way it was.

April 18, 2012


by ada

My days are so full of frustrating events lately, that my only joy in life is drinking coffee and eating tons of sweet carbohydrates. Gluten and carbs make me even more depressed, so it’s sort of devil’s circle.

April 17, 2012


by ada

A one-day trip to Wien to get my diploma nostrificated. I didn’t succeed, needless to say. (Long complaint about translating bureaus don’t keeping deadlines, ministries changing their requirements weekly without updating their homepage, agencies giving false information and bureaucracy generally. Tons of f-words.) If my misfortune plans to continue in the way it did during the last few months, I will end up believing that bad karma actually does exist.

I really tried my best to enjoy the day despite of the ice-cold rain and the fact that, after my visit in the ministry, I was in the mood for blood flowing down the streets; but after a few hours spent with accomplishing obligatory tourist stuff* in wet socks and without an umbrella, the only thing that had the power to cheer me up, was a hot, 1-euro coffee in McDonald’s. Even if I had to share my table with seven twelve-years-old Austrian boys.**

* like photographing horses, staring at Stephansdom and wandering in the rain without any purpose

** my strong opinion is that men win a lot with ageing

February 27, 2012


by ada

Móricka’s first eating out. It would have surely been more stylish to make a good beginning for him and visit some famous and quality Hungarian patisserie like Gerbeaud or Daubner but, well, life sucks nowadays and we have no money. So we just went to the McDonald’s nearby and used some bonus coupons for free coffees and cheap cookies. Móricka slept through the whole trip, anyway.

January 19, 2012


by ada

Terribly lame day of doing nothing and feeling bad. Read some doof posts of doof people about depression being an imaginary problem. Gimme a gun I wanna die (uhm… bad joke). Is actually the word doof being used in English or is it just me picking up some Dutch babysitting slang? The highlight of my day was drinking coffee in the kitchen. Even The Cat abandoned me.

January 16, 2012


by ada

Another coffee with Ancsangyalka, in another library. I’m experimenting with scaling my pictures, by the way.

January 6, 2012


by ada

Drinking coffee with my friend Ancsangyalka in the cafeteria of the library.

October 13, 2011

Budapest, Vár – a round walk

by ada

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