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April 25, 2015

Altwiener Ostermarkt – cats on eggs

by ada

Untitled 240

Untitled 275

Untitled 290

Untitled 276

Untitled 243

Untitled 321

Untitled 252

November 10, 2014

Budapest – craft fair at Deák tér

by ada

Hungarian handmade jewellery, drawings and textile work made by various artists and sold by my sister at the craft fair at Deák tér, Budapest. It is open till January 2015.

Untitled 282

Untitled 203

Untitled 274

Untitled 204

Untitled 268

Untitled 210

Untitled 195

Untitled 279

Untitled 235

Untitled 254

Untitled 269

Untitled 201

Untitled 202

Untitled 261

Untitled 259

September 19, 2012


by ada

Present I got from one of my patients. Quite a change in style after a decade of children drawn pictures I used to receive as everybody’s favourite babysitter.

July 8, 2012


by ada

Today with a colleague of mine we visited the craft fair Salzachgalerien. It was completely washed away by a sudden summer storm we have to deal with so often here lately, but after fifteen minutes the rain and wind were gone and it was as it never happened.

July 7, 2012


by ada

Just in case you’re planning to visit Austria, be prepared: Salzburg is a dangerous place. You can meet these kind of guys at every corner, even during daylight hours.

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