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June 30, 2015

Wien – MAK Design Labor

by ada


MDL 16

MDL 12

MDL 23

MDL 38

MDL 34

MDL 30

MDL 14

MDL 17


MDL 40

MDL 31

MDL 29

MDL 15


MDL 28

August 26, 2013

beautiful lofty things

by ada

Untitled 19

Untitled 20

Untitled 29

Untitled 22

Untitled 21

Untitled 25

Untitled 27

Untitled 18

Untitled 26

Untitled 31

January 26, 2013

things that make me happy

by ada

1. The view from my garden door.


2. My new Pikolinos shoes.

Pikolinos shoes

3. Being on a sick leave till Monday, with lots of bed time, cups of coffee with coconut oil and awesome music. Lately I’m listening to a collection of original glass harmonica pieces, that are the second funniest music I’ve ever heard. The first are the Albrechtsberger’s concertos for Jew’s harp. I mean, classical concertos of three movements for Jew’s! Harp!, accompanied with a symphonic orchestra. How cool those times and their folks were, the second half of the eighteenth century.

sick leave

4. Flowers on my table.


5. The cute panda backpack I bought for Móricka yesterday for the ridiculous price of 1,70 euros. I almost couldn’t resist the idea of getting an identical one for myself too, but, well, in our society there is an age limit of thirteen years for panda backpacks. Society’s burdens are hard ones.

panda bag

6. The results of the very recent culinary success of mine!

duck gribenes

7. Matryoshka earrings. Did I ever mention that I had a fairly Russophile and socialist upbringing? As a child I played with wooden matryoshkas and listened to the choir of the Red Army singing partisan songs. I still read the Russian alphabet fluently, even if I don’t speak the language anymore. Recommended movie for Western Europeans and Americans (or, actually, for everybody who was born on the other – outer – side of the iron curtain): Good Bye, Lenin! Just to get the feeling, you know.

Matryoshka earrings

October 5, 2012


by ada

Necklace I found at the flea market yesterday (it’s flea market season right now and I enjoy it with my whole heart).

June 11, 2012


by ada

I spent the whole day with shopping and getting myself frustrated. I bought things I really needed (or badly wanted, ahem, hello, 99% Lindt chocolate and flowery clothes with lace) but I always get The Guilts if I happen to buy something. It’s the result of spending my childhood and studying time in most poetical and romantic poverty, I guess.

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