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November 28, 2013

Wien – Hundertwasserhaus

by ada

Hundertwasserhaus 9


Hundertwasserhaus 11

Hundertwasserhaus 13

Hundertwasserhaus 7

Hundertwasserhaus 6

Hundertwasserhaus 8

April 17, 2012

little bits of Wien – part 1

by ada

April 17, 2012


by ada

A one-day trip to Wien to get my diploma nostrificated. I didn’t succeed, needless to say. (Long complaint about translating bureaus don’t keeping deadlines, ministries changing their requirements weekly without updating their homepage, agencies giving false information and bureaucracy generally. Tons of f-words.) If my misfortune plans to continue in the way it did during the last few months, I will end up believing that bad karma actually does exist.

I really tried my best to enjoy the day despite of the ice-cold rain and the fact that, after my visit in the ministry, I was in the mood for blood flowing down the streets; but after a few hours spent with accomplishing obligatory tourist stuff* in wet socks and without an umbrella, the only thing that had the power to cheer me up, was a hot, 1-euro coffee in McDonald’s. Even if I had to share my table with seven twelve-years-old Austrian boys.**

* like photographing horses, staring at Stephansdom and wandering in the rain without any purpose

** my strong opinion is that men win a lot with ageing

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