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July 29, 2016

Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen – die Sonderausgabe

by ada

Untitled 351

Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 11

Untitled 345

auch du gehörst dem Führer 3

das grosse buch fuer jungen 1

die fahnen wehen

Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 1


Untitled 335

das deutsche volk

utz kaempft fuer hitler 1

Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 20

Untitled 366


Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 15

rassenfibel 1

Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 13

hilf mit 3

Dritte Reich Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 18

Untitled 301

Untitled 300

February 10, 2016

Endstation Sehnsucht

by ada

Endstation Sehnsucht 33

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 24

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 22

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 2

Endstation Sehnsucht 52

Endstation Sehnsucht 24

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 9

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 17

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 31

Endstation Sehnsucht Jerusalem 5

Endstation Sehnsucht 26


February 9, 2016

Hohenems – Jüdisches Museum

by ada

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 1

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 41

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 5

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 42

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 52

Judischer Turnverein St Gallen 1

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 15

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 9

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 48

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 33

Schul-Gasse 1 Hohenems 2

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 27

Deutsches Reich Reisepass Juedisches Museum Hohenems

Juedisches Museum Hohenems 61

Hilda Monte 3

Hilda Monte Where Freedom Perished 1

October 15, 2015

Mikulov – the Jewish cemetery (Židovský hřbitov)

by ada

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 52

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 40

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 43

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 4

Mikulov Jewish cemetery

Untitled 90

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 57

Untitled 5

Untitled 9

Untitled 101

Untitled 111

Untitled 158

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 50

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 62

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 42

Untitled 82

Untitled 191

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 38

ruhe sanft 1

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 12

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 69

Mikulov Jewish cemetery 28

Untitled 128

October 13, 2015

Mikulov – the Upper/Old Synagogue (Horní/Stará synagoga)

by ada

synagogue Mikulov

Untitled 15

Untitled 77

Untitled 70

Untitled 16

Untitled 1

Untitled 2a

Untitled 13

Untitled 82

Untitled 57

synagogue Mikulov 21

Untitled 71

synagogue Mikulov 6

October 8, 2015

Břeclav – Jewish cemetery (Židovský hřbitov)

by ada

Breclav Jewish cemetery 105

Breclav Jewish cemetery 101

Breclav Jewish cemetery 103

Breclav Jewish cemetery 30

Breclav Jewish cemetery 140

Breclav Jewish cemetery 24

Isidor Grünbaum

Breclav Jewish cemetery 43

Breclav Jewish cemetery 89

Breclav Jewish cemetery 42

Breclav Jewish cemetery 95

grave of Regina Sternfeld

Breclav Jewish cemetery 75

Breclav Jewish cemetery 114

Breclav Jewish cemetery 48

Breclav Jewish cemetery 123

Untitled 44

Breclav Jewish cemetery 81

Breclav Jewish cemetery 36

Breclav Jewish cemetery 177

Breclav Jewish cemetery 12

Breclav Jewish cemetery 54

Breclav Jewish cemetery 72

Breclav Jewish cemetery 169

February 24, 2015

Kosher for… Essen und Tradition im Judentum

by ada

Untitled 74

Untitled 33

Untitled 67a

Untitled 66

Untitled 36

Untitled 136

Untitled 154


February 23, 2015

Wien – Jüdisches Museum

by ada

Untitled 27

Untitled 4

Untitled 28

Untitled 132

Untitled 33

Untitled 13

Untitled 105

Untitled 42

Untitled 114

Untitled 64

Untitled 58

Untitled 39

Untitled 116

Untitled 135

Untitled 141

Untitled 125

January 28, 2015

life being so little and death so good to give

by ada


Jagd auf uns

Untitled 28

ins Gesicht getreten

lag in seinem Blut 2

Untitled 47

November 26, 2014

Budapest – Kozma utcai izraelita temető (Jewish cemetery at Kozma street), the succulents

by ada

succulent 21

Menczelesz Lajosné 1

succulent 24

succulent 13

succulent 1

November 26, 2014

Budapest – Kozma utcai izraelita temető (Jewish cemetery at Kozma street), part 2

by ada

chestnut 5

Untitled 12

Izraelita temető 68

Untitled 30

Izraelita temető 70

Untitled 15


Izraelita temető 65

Izraelita temető

Untitled 18

Untitled 19

Balas Ferenc

flowers on graves 27

November 25, 2014

Budapest – Kozma utcai izraelita temető (Jewish cemetery at Kozma street), the mosaics

by ada

mogen 1

Izraelita temető 112

lion mosaic 3

sun mosaic 1

November 25, 2014

Budapest – Kozma utcai izraelita temető (Jewish cemetery at Kozma street), part 1

by ada

Untitled 72

Izraelita temető 87

Gries family 1

Untitled 175

Untitled 47

Izraelita temető 63

Adler family tree

Izraelita temető 47

Izraelita temető 18

David Eliezer 5

Izraelita temető 50

Izraelita temető 83

Untitled 7

Izraelita temető 96


lovebirds 2

Izraelita temető 93

Untitled 6

June 20, 2014

Budapest – Judafest 2014

by ada

Judafest 17

Judafest 27

Judafest 52

Judafest 2

Judafest 24

Judafest 36

Judafest 25

Judafest 26

Judafest 41

Judafest 45

Judafest 11

Judafest 48

Judafest 6

Israel 1

Judafest 18

February 9, 2014

Budapest – Shoes on the Danube Promenade

by ada

Untitled 50

Untitled 35

Untitled 72

Untitled 71

Untitled 58

Untitled 51

Untitled 81

Untitled 60

Untitled 61

Untitled 47

Untitled 76

Untitled 34

December 23, 2013

Třebíč – the Jewish cemetery (Židovský hřbitov)

by ada

Třebíč Jewish cemetery

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 24

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 13

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 14

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 1

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 16

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 17

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 15

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 10

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 23

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 5

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 35

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 4

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 2

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 19

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 6

Třebíč Jewish cemetery 3

December 23, 2013

Třebíč – the Rear Synagogue (Zadní synagoga, Neuschul)

by ada

trebic rear synagogue 17

trebic rear synagogue 21

trebic rear synagogue 3

trebic rear synagogue 1

trebic rear synagogue 4

trebic rear synagogue 19

trebic rear synagogue 6

trebic rear synagogue 2

trebic rear synagogue 22

December 22, 2013

Třebíč – Jewish Quarter (Třebíčská židovská čtvrť, Zámostí)

by ada

Třebíč Jewish Quartier view from Jihlava

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 2

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 13

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 27

Třebíč wall ornament

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 17

Třebíč Jewish Quartier pavement decoration 2

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 26

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 21

Třebíč Jewish Quartier Durchgangshaus

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 4

Třebíč Jewish Quartier 16

Třebíč Jewish Quartier ruin window

November 10, 2013

Salzburg – Stolpersteine

by ada

Stolpersteine Salzburg Petersfriedhof

Stolpersteine Salzburg Förtsch and Neunhäuserer

Stolperstein Salzburg Theodor Kurtz 1

Stopersteine Salzburg Children

Stoperstein Salzburg Alfred Schulhof

Stolpersteine Salzburg Judengasse

Stoperstein Salzburg Anna Maria Wahl

Stopersteine Salzburg, Romani Children Schwarzgrabenweg 2

Stolpersteine Salzburg Johann and Marie Haslauer Jehova's Wittnesses

Stolperstein Salzburg Agathe Herzenberger

July 7, 2013

conversations with my coworkers – part 6

by ada

(Sunday morning at my previous workplace. We are having breakfast and doing small talk.)

coworker: I never ever work on Sundays.

me (perplexed): Well, it’s Sunday and you are here, working.

coworker: It doesn’t count. It’s for money. But I never do laundry or vacuuming on Sundays. It’s not allowed. If you work on Sundays, God will punish you. I knew a man, he worked on a Sunday and his pigs got sick, all of them. Then he worked again and his son had a car accident and died. God punished him.

me: Whom did He punish? The son or the father?

coworker: Both of them.

me: It doesn’t make much sense to me. Which religion do you actually belong to?

coworker: I’m a Christian.

me: Oh. I thought Jesus has already dealt with these kind of problems, like working on a Shabbat or punishing sons for the sins of their fathers…

coworker: I don’t know what you are talking about.

me: The Bible. The differences of religious attitude in the Old and the New Testament.

coworker: I haven’t read the Bible. I don’t like reading.

me: Well, you know, there is this story about the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus out and asking him about his healing actions that happened on a Shabbat…

coworker: I don’t know what you are talking about. If you work on Sundays, God will punish you.

me: Like, kill your son?

coworker: That’s the laws.

me: Well, those laws you are referring to were originally meant as a survival guide to a small desert nation in a hostile environment, formulated more than 3300 years ago, on the level of ethical and moral development of a society of those times. There is this hypothesis of comparing the evolution of the human society to the ontogenesis of personality…

coworker: I don’t know what you are talking about. Which nation?

me: The Jews, of course. I’m talking about the practical role of the Ten Commandments in the survival of Judaism under disadvantageous conditions. And about the difference between Judaism and Christianity.

coworker: I don’t get why you are speaking about Jews. These are the laws of God. God made them, not the Jews. God has nothing to do with Jews.

me: You mean, except calling them His own, chosen people? Actually, the problematic of whether the one and only God made the Jewish people or the Jewish people made up the idea of the one and only God is certainly very interesting…

coworker: I don’t know what you are talking about.

me: You know what? This discussion doesn’t make any sense. People should not be allowed to discuss religion on an empty stomach. Let’s have our breakfasts and talk about the weather.

March 13, 2013

and death shall have no dominion

by ada

kz dachau

kz dachau

January 24, 2013

how to make traditional duck gribenes

by ada

Don’t worry, there’s no danger of me becoming a food blogger. Actually, I’m painfully low-maintenance when it comes to food. Before going paleo you could find me eating pasta and tomato sauce on six days a week without getting bored with it. It’s not that I don’t like a good meal, because I rather do, but I just don’t have that big interest in food, neither in eating nor in producing. Let’s put it this way: if somebody else cooks delicious things for me, I happily eat them. If nobody cooks for me, I don’t miss it.

Since switching to the paleo diet I became a bit more interested in what I eat, or, well, at least in the health side of the story. I try to cook every day and eat a variety of foods I didn’t try before. That’s how I ended up with a whole duck (for half price) yesterday, and since our homemade goose gribenes is one of my favourite food since childhood, I decided to give a try to the duck version. And I did what every girl does when in trouble: called my mother for the recipe. They turned out really yummy, but really, I mean, really YUMMY. So I dedicate this post to document this very culinary success of mine (which are oh so very rare, haha.)

Since English is not my first language (not even the second, in fact), I wasn’t able to figure out what’s the proper English word for gribenes. “Cracklings”? “Greaves”? I really don’t feel the difference. One thing is sure: it’s not “pork rinds”, because, well , it’s not pork it’s made of.

Take a duck (goose, chicken are optional), pull its skin off and together with its fat, cut it into small pieces.

duck fat

Put it in a pot with one tablespoon water under it and cook it really slow for about three hours. Don’t cover the pot. If you live in an open space apartment where kitchen, living room and bedroom share the same twenty square metres (like I do), be anxious to close your wardrobe doors, put your coats outside and open the windows. Otherwise you will end up smelling like a giant piece of roasted duck (like I did), which may be appetising for your cat but rather embarrassing for the humans you meet later during the day.

duck fat

While it cooks, it looks like this:

duck gribenes

Later on:

duck gribenes

When the pieces are crispy enough not to make funny noises when pushing them to the side of the pot, you can pour the fat in glass containers and put it in the fridge to cool. So does it look when it’s still warm:

duck fat

And so it does when already solid:

duck fat

The gribenes look like this:

duck gribenes

I mean, like this!

duck gribenes

Eat them when they are still warm and crispy, with bread spread with the fresh duck fat, with fresh spring onions with salt. Or eat them as a snack.

duck gribenes

Well, after writing this post I feel like I’m one of those big paleo bloggers with ten thousands of subscribers who create amazing gluten-free recipes, make homemade coconut deodorants and share their experiences of going no ‘poo. Only that those big paleo bloggers would never eat that occasional slice of bread I still do sometimes, ehem.

duck gribenes

November 22, 2012

Prague – The old Jewish cemetery (Starý židovský hřbitov)

by ada

November 14, 2012


by ada

Starý židovský hřbitov, the old Jewish cemetery of Prague.

July 23, 2012

music of the week – Budapescht

by ada

Since I’m a big fan of Karsten Troyke and I’m currently visiting my family in Budapest, let’s have some home tunes. Neither history nor theory are included, because I’m in no musicology mood today (I have some urgent Hungarian Food Eating to do, haha).

July 20, 2012


by ada

The Allee der Gerechten  in Mirabellgarten is part of the memorial project Avenue of the Righteous of Yad Vashem, and pays tribute to people from Salzburg who, during WW2, tried to help and save the lives of Jews.

April 15, 2012

Budapest – March of the Living 2012

by ada

April 15, 2012


by ada

16. April is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hungary – it was the day when Hungarian Jews were first forced into ghettos in 1944. The March of the Living, an annual memorial walk takes place the evening before.

April 7, 2012


by ada

This year Seder evening fell on Good Friday, so for today I decided to look for some music that fits for both Passover and Easter purposes while being baroque. This means a very small circle of pieces to choose from. Before the liturgical reform of Salomon Sulzer in the 19th century, the amount of Jewish sacral compositions is insignificant. The music of Salomone Rossi, the one and only 17th century composer of Jewish origin, who wrote music for the liturgy, is more renaissance than baroque. The next composer who has anything to do with synagogal music, is Avraham Cáceres from the late 18th century, but I couldn’t find any single liturgical piece of his on YouTube. And than there are some non-Jewish people, like Carlo Grossi or Louis Saladin,  who were hired by synagogues to write music for prayers (like Franz Schubert by Salomon Sulzer, a hundred years later) but this didn’t happen too often.

Salomone Rossi l’Ebreo lived in the early 17th century, and wrote some really nice instrumental trio sonatas and some vocal music in the style of prima prattica. His set of motets, Shirim l’asher Shlomo, the Songs of Solomon contains mainly psalms and a few prayers. Although I cherish his cheerful and cute trio sonatas, typical for their genre and for the style of the transition period between renaissance and baroque in Italy, his motets and church music are just too much of stile antiqua for me. I’m rather uncomfortable with sheer renaissance polyphony. So I decided to rule him out and chose the cantatas Boi Beshalom and Kol HaNeshama, written by Cristiano Giuseppe Lidarti, an Austro-Italian baroque composer of non-Jewish origin, instead. He composed these pieces for the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam around 1770. Despite of the late date, the character of the pieces is almost entirely baroque. It seems, Lidarti was rather old-fashioned in his compositional manners, which is a big luck for me :o)

While it’s not exactly Passover music and singing Alleluia at 10am on Easter Saturday is also a bit early for the Catholic liturgy, it’s the best musical compromise I’m able to come up with. Happy Passover and happy Easter!

February 5, 2012

Budapest, Zsidónegyed – the four synagogues

by ada


There are four synagogues in the center of the old Jewish Quarter of Pest. The one in Dohány utca is the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world.


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