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March 14, 2016

stranger in a strange land

by ada

People who talk to me at work:

  • the cleaning lady from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • the cleaning lady from Macedonia
  • the kitchen helper from Tibet
  • the nursing assistant from Congo
  • the nursing assistant from Turkey (although she’s no longer there)
  • the nurse anaesthetist from the Czech Republic (she’s on a sick leave since months)
  • the OR nurse from the Czech Republic
  • the OR nurse from Romania
  • the Polish doctor

People who don’t talk to me at work:

  • the remaining 9 Austrian cleaning ladies
  • the remaining 53 Austrian nurses
  • the remaining 25 Austrian doctors

I might open a new subcategory betitled “conversations that never happened”.

April 28, 2013

all things must pass

by ada

Last day at my workplace. I received some unexpected kindness from my coworkers (and some unexpected rudeness from my boss as well). I’ve already got another offer which I turned down because even if it was on another ward and paid better, it was the same job I’ve just quit because of the reason that it didn’t feel right for me. So I just decided to have some time off and see how things work out. It’s nice to be unemployed again, it feels so safe and comforting, haha.

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March 10, 2013

I have been young, and now am not too old

by ada

birthday flowers


January 8, 2013

conversations with my coworkers – part 3

by ada

Scene: meeting for administrative education purposes (I don’t know how is it at your workplace but I spend more time with meetings, evaluations, charting, and counting narcotics than with patients).

coach (explaining how to interpret the small numbers written on the duty schedule): If you are assigned to work 165 hours but you actually work 167 hours, how many excess hours do you have?

coworker1: three!

coworker2: four!

coworker3: two and a half!

coworker4: zero!

coach: two. And if you are assigned to work 167 hours but you actually work only 165 hours, how many excess hours do you have?

coworker1+2+3: two!

coworker4: zero!

couch (with a hopeless sigh): negative two.

(I, the firstborn daughter of a mathematician father, the girl who spent her early childhood with reading books about the wonders of numbers, written by Soviet scientists for educational purposes; spent the two hours of the meeting wordless, dreaming about freedom and a nicer future.)

December 29, 2012


by ada

I haven’t done night shifts in the last eight years so I totally forgot how nice the feeling is when you are alone in the middle of the night, everybody is well and asleep, peace guides the planet and love steers the stars.

P.S.: I didn’t even finish writing down this sentence when the ambulance team of the Red Cross unexpectedly showed up at the door, exactly at 1.30 am. That’s also a feeling I totally forgot.


November 25, 2012


by ada

Socialising is no superhero skill of mine; it never was. Sometimes I do it rather fine, that means I laugh at the right moment and say yes or no adequate to the conversation; but today I felt that if I have to participate only one more minute longer in the breakfast discussion about the appropriate use of vaginal lubricants, the remaining five brain neurons of mine that survived both the depression and the workplace breakfasts of the last six months, will commit suicide together and I will end up in our own dementia ward very soon. I don’t really want to maintain long conversations about astrophysics*, postmodern literature*** or early Italian Baroque continuo rules****, but I got already somewhat tired of the topic of the detailed love life of my coworkers. Despise me if you dare.

* mostly because I have about zero knowledge of astrophysics**

** well, I read A Brief History of Time a few years ago but that’s really all I did for my better understanding of the Universe

*** there definitely were times when my readings couldn’t have been defined with the sole word: mysteries; but – alas! – those times are passed

**** I have a lot to say about early Italian Baroque continuo rules but I am also able to go quite happily without pushing the subject

November 24, 2012


by ada

I had free today, which meant that I spent my afternoon at the station teaching my coworker about how to use the nursing program on the computer. I’m definitely gifted with some teaching skills, more, at the university I was famous of being born to be a teacher but today I was just in no mood for spending one and a half hour with something I could accomplish in 30 minutes if doing it alone. I’m out of practice, I guess.

And some obligatory autumn leaves.

November 7, 2012

conversations with my coworkers – part 2

by ada

coworker1: Why don’t you eat bread?

me: Because gluten erases intestinal villi made of epithelial cells and makes the gut wall permeable, causes a leaky gut syndrome and increases inflammation levels. All that leads to diseases based on the failure of the immune system and on an autoimmune response.

coworker1 (looks perplexed)

coworker2: Gluten is healthy.

me: No, it isn’t. As it was pointed out in several studies…

coworker2 (interrupting my words): Gluten is healthy. I saw a dietitian speaking about it on TV yesterday.

me: Oh well. You know how it is with dietitians…

coworker2: It is true, because it was on TV.

me (looking perplexed and having dark thoughts about the present state of education for health care professionals and the future of the human race): Oh well. Forget it. I don’t eat bread because I want to lose weight.

November 7, 2012

conversations with my coworkers – part 1

by ada

me: I wanted to visit Prague for a few days but our boss changed the schedule chart on a short notice so I can’t get away this weekend. Next time.

coworker: But… why?

me: What why?

coworker: Why did you want to go to Prague?

me: Because I haven’t been there yet and it is told to be a beautiful city.

coworker: But… why go there?

me: I like discovering new places.

coworker: But… why don’t you just stay at home?

me: Oh, well. Forget it.

November 6, 2012


by ada

At this moment we have four actually circulating schedule charts. All the four are different. I altered my calendar already five times to keep up with the changes (and we are only 6 days into the month. What is yet to come, I don’t even want to imagine). That’s why I got up at 6 am and went to work on a day when I was scheduled free. All I want now is to get some sleep (and find a new workplace).

October 31, 2012


by ada

Another thirteen-hours long workday which turned to a fourteen-hours long workday. During those fourteen hours I had time to pee only once: in my lunch break.

I would wish you Happy Halloween, but the truth is that I grown up without even knowing what Halloween is. It was part of neither my socialization nor my culture. It still isn’t. At this moment I’m simply happy that I can go to sleep right now and that I’m not obliged to have fun whether I want to or not.

October 22, 2012


by ada

Afterwork self-portrait.

October 16, 2012


by ada

Our inner courtyard decoration. We also own another half-naked Cupid and a small lake with goldfish in it, all in the real Austrian spirit of quality kitsch. If you behave you may get a look at the fish, too.

October 11, 2012


by ada

We just had some fire safety education at my workplace and heroically eliminated some homemade fire in various ways. It was rather fun but it didn’t make me change my mind. I’m on a job hunt, from now on also officially.

October 10, 2012


by ada

I should look for a new workplace very soon. I’m aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect workplace but it’s just not what I want, that’s quite clear. Too much pointless frustration to endure without any reward and too much unnecessary competition based on compensating inferiority complexes. I’m definitely not happy here.*

* well, it’s still my Depression Year, so it would be sort of strange to feel good, haha**

** I’m pausing with 5-HTP right now because I just forgot to order it for a long time and then got curious how long does it take to feel myself miserable again. I don’t know if it’s this, or the weather***, or the fact that my life goes in a direction I don’t really like (or I’m just unconsciously celebrating the one-year-anniversary of the outbreak of the depression that ruined my life), but I actually feel like shit lately.

*** I love autumn but it’s really dangerous for me. My brain gets foggy every year, parallel to the weather, haha

October 3, 2012


by ada

The (zoomed in) view from the first floor nurses’ room.

October 1, 2012


by ada

Back to the life of thirteen-hours shifts, documented with photos of my daily diet/bed linen and actual book/the evening sky.

September 20, 2012


by ada

All I could think of today was, if my back pain continues to influence my life the way it did during the past eleven days, I have to look for another, physically less exhausting job* very urgently.

*Don’t let the photo fool you. Sorting out drugs for hours is not the most exhausting part of nursing. There are many things I just don’t tell you about, haha.

September 19, 2012


by ada

Coming home in the evening after having a free day. Since I moved in under the dementia ward, I feel like Jane Eyre or some other poor 19th century live-in governess. Or, as my coworker (and neighbour) calls it, a modern slave. Living at your workplace is really very practical and comfortable, but I just long for some distance from all this illness and misery so very badly sometimes.

September 17, 2012


by ada

Home flavours, got from my Hungarian colleague. We are an international team wich contains nurses mostly from the Eastern Block: Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and Hungary, but there are also a few Austrians (the minority, haha) and a Filipino.

September 16, 2012


by ada

Maybe it’s not that adequate, posting a photo of my work for today, because although I had another thirteen-hours long workday, I spent it mostly outside of the building with activities like visiting my GP, getting electrotherapy and having lunch break.

September 9, 2012


by ada

Taking a break and having some fresh air.

August 24, 2012


by ada

I planned to finish moving in today, but I got a call in the morning and went to work instead. So that’s how my apartment still looks like.

August 24, 2012


by ada

Eating ice with colleagues. It’s quite necessary for surviving a thirteen-hours long working day in a 35C grad weather.

August 8, 2012


by ada

Eating barbecue leftovers with colleagues instead of at work.

August 6, 2012


by ada

On days like today, when

  • I work thirteen hours without even having a lunch break
  • I wait two and a half hours for a doctor’s visit
  • after a whole day of glorious sunshine it starts raining exactly fifteen minutes before the end of my shift, so I have to bike home in ice-cold rain (again)
  • the bottom of the garbage bag tears itself away and I have to collect the organic, stinky remains of my last week meals and other nice things with my bare hands while rain pouring down on my face

well, on days like today the only thing that makes me feel like I’m still a human being, is food.

August 2, 2012


by ada

What I’m doing since a week is sending patients of mine to the ER because of acute life threatening conditions, and then receiving  them back after a few hours, because the ER have no free beds anymore. Already this game alone is exhausting enough, but the real problem is its main consequence, that I have a station full of emergency cases without having the necessary conditions to deal with the situation. Are really no fun, these days. No wonder that if the kitchen team sends cakes, I eat them. They immediately relieve stress (just to cause a feeling of guilt even so immediately and stomach ache a few hours later, haha).

July 29, 2012


by ada

I’m seriously considering quitting my job. I like working as a nurse, even if this job is completely different here than it is in Hungary, so all my former work experience and knowledge are useless now, which is sort of sad; but my workplace is simply just not the right place for me. But, knowing that I’m the one who needs months to decide which pair of shoes to buy and years (decades) to find out what to do with my life (this project is still in progress), I guess it won’t be a quick change.

Anyway, I enjoy Salzburg so long I’m still here.

July 28, 2012


by ada

I worked till 19.30 today. Officially. It’s 22.30 now. I came home ten minutes ago. Shall I say more or you’ve already got the secondary meaning of my simple words?

So for today is a photo of the present state of my living room and my present evening (night) meal. Because I’m nice and because I know where to set  limits, I show you neither the present state of my kitchen nor the present state of my bathroom.

July 27, 2012


by ada

Another way of dealing with stress I practise way too often is eating quick carbohydrates. Well, at least is ice gluten-free.

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