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April 27, 2014

Komárom – Igmándi erőd (Fortress of Igmánd)

by ada

Igmándi erőd 7

Igmándi erőd 4

Igmándi erőd 38

Igmándi erőd 2

Igmándi erőd 17

Igmándi erőd 18

Igmándi erőd 5

Igmándi erőd 11

Igmándi erőd 23

Igmándi erőd 8

Igmándi erőd 9

Igmándi erőd 25

Igmándi erőd 31

April 26, 2014


by ada

Komárom magyar címer

Komárom Rathaus

Komárom houses

Komárom three gravestones

Komárom horse

naponta friss áru


Komárom 1

Komárom 2

April 24, 2014

the place where Hungary meets Slovakia

by ada

One of the places where you can “officially” leave Hungary, is the Erzsébet-bridge between Komárom in Hungary and Komárno in Slovakia. It was built in 1892 an is named after Romy Schneider Empress Elisabeth of Austria, because we Hungarians have always loved our Sisi, even during her lifetime, which is a rare phenomenon and is not very characteristic for the Hungarian collective spirit. Usually we first appreciate people after their death (if at all, haha). While it’ s definitely not the most charming spot on Earth or even in Hungary, it’s still a border, and I love borders. So here is a guide on how to cross them.

1. Walk up to the bridge.

Komárno Erzsébet-híd 1

2. Keep walking.

Komárno Erzsébet-híd 4

3. Look back at Hungary (yes, I did shop at that Tesco. I was that hungry).

Komárom Tesco

4. Admire the Danube (not a particularly breathtaking sight for somebody who is such a mountain person like me but, in my opinion, the second best thing after mountains is water, so I’m okay with this less than exciting view).

Komárom Danube

4. Walk until the middle of the bridge.

Komárno Erzsébet-híd 6

5. Look down.


6. Look up. Welcome in Slovakia!

Border Hungary Slovakia 1

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