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April 29, 2017

the place where Germany meets Switzerland

by ada

The German city of Konstanz is in close proximity to the Swiss town of Kreuzlingen. There are several border points, the most picturesque is the one in the district Klein Venedig (Little Venice).

Start out at the nature museum Sea Life.

Walk along Lake Constance…

…until you arrive at the border point…

…marked by the German artist Johannes Dörflingers “Kunstgrenze“, a constellation of 22 sculptures, which commemorates the 2006 demolition of the barbed wire fence, set up in 1938 by the Nazi Germany.

Hi Magician!

Just one step and you’ve already left the territory of the European Union.

The seagulls could not care less.

Look back at Konstanz…

…and forward to Kreuzlingen.

Some unidentified Swiss buildings.

Turn back to the Herrscherin and the Herrscher (Mr and Mrs Ruler, haha). They are there to lead you…

…to the Wheel of Fortune. There the path splits into two. The way on the left leads to Switzerland, the way on the right back to Germany.

There is a football field on the Swiss side to make international affairs happen…

…and a beer tent on the German side to strengthen the friendship between the two nations. As you see, the Germans are rather serious about their beer culture.

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