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November 7, 2014

Slovenia – holiday selfies

by ada

Untitled 83 (2)


me in Piran 6 (2)

me in Koper 3 (2)

Untitled 272

me in Kranj 3

Untitled 90

me in Izola

Untitled 36

Untitled 31

Untitled 63

me in Ljubljana 2

November 2, 2014

the cats of Ljubljana

by ada

cat graffii Ljubljana 1

Ljubljana graffiti 27

Ljubljana graffiti 51

panther graffiti

Ljubljana graffiti 1

September 26, 2014

Ljubljana – day 7

by ada

mini Ljubljana

Ljubljana 4


Dragon Bridge 1

Butchers' Bridge Ljubljana

Ljubljana 12

Ljubljana 9

Ljubljana spider net 2

Ljubljana bird sculptures

Ljubljana Dragon Bridge

Ljubljana antiquarium

Ljubljana cute dog

Trubarjeva cesta

Ljubljana beach volleyball

Ljubljana 14

Ljubljana shoes

September 25, 2014

Ljubljana castle

by ada

Ljubljana castle 9

Ljubljana castle window

Ljubljana castle church 3

Ljubljana castle church 7

Ljubljana castle 10

Ljubljana castle 3

Ljubljana view from castle 3

Ljubljana castle exhibition 1

Ljubljana castle funicular 1

Ljubljana castle funicular 8

Ljubljana roofs 2

September 24, 2014

Ljubljana – day 6

by ada

trombone player 1

music 5

Ljubljana street musicians 3


Ljubljana 8

Ljubljana 4

Ljubljana 1

Ljubljana 2

August 18, 2014

Ljubljana street art

by ada

Ljubljana is a city for street artists (and for everybody who wants to publicly express their feelings and wishes them to stay permanently expressed). Lots of the graffiti works are just some scribbles on some walls…

Ljubljana graffiti 59

Ljubljana graffiti 57

Ljubljana graffiti 60

…but very often they carry important philosophical messages.

Ljubljana graffiti 8

They blend into the cityscape…

Ljubljana graffiti house 1

hand graffiti 1

Ljubljana graffiti 31

…or stick out of it.

Gornji trg 4

graffiti house Ljubljana

You can find them at unexpected places, too.

Ljubljana balcony graffiti

Sometimes they display personal political views…

Ljubljana graffiti 45

Ljubljana graffiti 24

…and offer practical advice on how to survive in our society without getting hurt.

enjoy the rules 1

A wake-up call for the nation…

Europe is stepping into a grave

…to prevent an impending biological disaster.

Ljubljana graffiti 41

Sometimes it’s about gastronomy (Ljubljana street artists seem to have developed a healthy obsession towards donuts)…

Ljubljana graffiti 39

… or important culture references.

Papa Smurf 3

Super Mario graffiti Ljubljana 2

An artist’s manifesto…

Ljubljana graffiti 63

…and the confessions of a misanthrope.

ich hasse Leute

Sometimes it’s a call for self-love…

when are you going to notice you Ljubljana

…and sometimes it’s thoughts on loving somebody else.

dum vita est sevdah

Ljubljana graffiti 18

Is this meant as the evidence for praiseworthy family feelings or is it a confession about having necrophiliac tendencies? I really can’t tell.

I love mummy

Sometimes the artists are eager to create a portrait of the loved one…

Ljubljana graffiti 6

Ljubljana graffiti 22

Ljubljana graffiti 15

Ljubljana graffiti 48

…and sometimes it’s just about them giving some general life advice…

Ljubljana graffiti 9

… or an unasked for personal info on the family physician’s love life.

graffiti Ljubljana 1

Most of the graffiti are pictures of cute (even if somewhat creepy and often really distorted) animals, though.

Ljubljana graffiti 37

Ljubljana graffiti 54

bear graffiti

cute animal

Ljubljana graffiti 35

Ljubljana graffiti 14

Ljubljana graffiti 11

Ljubljana graffiti 34

Ljubljana graffiti 32

Ljubljana graffiti (2)

Ljubljana graffiti 47

wolf graffiti

Ljubljana graffiti 21

Ljubljana graffiti 42

Ljubljana graffiti 17

August 9, 2014

Ljubljana – day 2

by ada

Karlovška cesta Ljubljana

Rožna ulica Ljubljana 7

Rožna ulica Ljubljana 5

Ljubljana 6


Super Mario graffiti Ljubljana 2

Gornji trg 16

Gornji trg 7

Gornji trg 10

Ljubljana 2

August 8, 2014

Ljubljana – Central Market (Osrednja ljubljanska tržnica)

by ada

Central Market Ljubljana 10

Central Market Ljubljana 8

flower lady 1

Central Market Ljubljana 4


Central Market Ljubljana 6

August 7, 2014

Ljubljana – day 1, part 2

by ada

Gornji trg 3

Ljubljana 9

Mestni trg 6

Mestni trg 1

Ciril - Metodov trg

Tromostovje 1

Adamič - Lundrovo nabrežje 2

Petkovškovo nabrežje

Ljubljanica 11

sculptur at Butcher's Bridge Ljubljana

Central Market Ljubljana

Ljubljana 1

Central Market Ljubljana 2

Ljubljana 1

August 6, 2014

Ljubljana – day 1, part 1

by ada

Umbrella Ljubljana 2

Ljubljana Trubarjeva cesta

Ljubljana shoes at Trubarjeva cesta 1

Ljubljana 4

Hribarjevo nabrežje 6

Tromostovje 6

Tromostovje 2

Ljubljana 13

Cobblers' Bridge Ljubljana 2

Ljubljana Hribarjevo nabrežje girl

houses on Cankarjevo nabrežje 2

Ljubljana house

Ljubljana window at Hribarjevo nabrežje

Križevniška ulica 1

Ljubljana is asleep

July 26, 2014

south of the border, west of the sun

by ada

Guess in which city I am right now!

Ljubljana Drache

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