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April 27, 2014

Komárom – Igmándi erőd (Fortress of Igmánd)

by ada

Igmándi erőd 7

Igmándi erőd 4

Igmándi erőd 38

Igmándi erőd 2

Igmándi erőd 17

Igmándi erőd 18

Igmándi erőd 5

Igmándi erőd 11

Igmándi erőd 23

Igmándi erőd 8

Igmándi erőd 9

Igmándi erőd 25

Igmándi erőd 31

May 19, 2012

Budapest – Spring Garrison Parade 2012

by ada

May 18, 2012


by ada

Spring Garrison Parade in Városliget. In  Hungary joining the military is exclusively voluntary, since we have no obligatory military service since 2005. I am a devoted pacifist and I find the world would be a much better place if there was no need for soldiers and the army at all, but I have to admit that big, strong men in uniform definitely have a way with them that makes a woman’s heart beat irregularly :o)

May 13, 2012

Salzburg – the old military cemetery

by ada

Despite of the small amount of gravestones, more than 2000 soldiers and officiers of the Imperial and Royal Army of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy have their grave in this small cemetery.

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