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September 18, 2015

Mödling – Ludwig van Beethoven: Große Sonate für das Hammerklavier, Nr. 29 Op. 106

by ada

When the idea of the Travel Series first occurred to me, it seemed totally feasible. Like, go to places and then write about their relevance in classical music. Well, as it turns out, I do the first part (“go to places”) really well, but have some serious problems regarding the second. I visited Mödling exactly five months ago, managed to post my photos of it only one month later, and then life happened and everything became more important than Ludwig van Beethoven, whose music I don’t really fancy anyway.

But now! I still have 35 minutes left of my lunch break and I’m determined to use it the right way and show the world the places where Beethoven spent 5 summers of his life composing great music like the Diabelli-Variations (I’ve never got over the third variation, because it is so boring I am no pianist), the Mödlinger Tänze (which later turned out to not be from Beethoven at all), the Missa Solemnis (vocal works written after 1790 make me nervous) and the somewhat weird Piano Sonata Nr 29, one of the two sonatas he wrote specifically for the fortepiano.

Beethoven spent the summers of 1818-1819-1820 in this house, called Hafnerhaus, owned at the time by the potter Jakob Tuschek:

Untitled 6

And this is where he wrote the biggest part of his Missa Solemnis in the summer of 1820:

Untitled 136

And here is Beethoven himself, looking wild and dark, as usual:

Untitled 18

And now, after this totally uninformative introduction, let’s listen to the 4. movement (Introduction and Fuga) of the great sonata for fortepiano, Große Sonate für das Hammerklavier, Nr. 29 Op. 106, written during the troublesome* summer of 1818 on the first floor of the Hafnerhaus and dedicated to his student, the archbishop Rudolph of Austria.

* as it seems, neither housekeepers nor maids could put up with the temper tantrums of the great Beethoven for more than 4 weeks at a time, so he spent most of his time sitting in his room and being hungry while waiting for the maid who has already run away the evening before**

** doing something to help themselves is obviously not an option for geniuses. They have to either be served or keep starving. Going out to buy food is for lowly commons***

*** can you tell I don’t really like Beethoven?

June 17, 2015

Burg Liechtenstein

by ada

Untitled 22

Untitled 26

Untitled 2

Untitled 31

Untitled 51

Untitled 25

Untitled 37

Untitled 56

Untitled 42

Untitled 1

Untitled 41

May 25, 2015

April recap

by ada

April found me in Hungary, where I visited the ruins of the Schossberger castle in Tura,

Untitled 171 (2)

celebrated my father’s birthday,

Untitled 82

hunted some Easter Eggs with Milo and Móricka,

Untitled 181

and took photos of every blossoming tree that came my way.

Untitled 51

After Easter I travelled back to Vienna to work my socks off enjoy spring weather,

Vienna spring

play tourist,


and continue discovering my neighbourhood.

Untitled 34

I spent an afternoon in Mödling,

Untitled 90

where I walked in weird woods,

Untitled 26o

picked flowers,

Untitled 50

and met a post-Easter bunny.

Untitled 36 (2)

I visited the House of Music,


and went to the Vienna Air King contest to see some flying bikes (of which occasion some photos are yet to be shared) (if only I could find the time).

Untitled 65d

The rest of the month was not the least blogworthy. I worked/slept it through without taking a single photo after the 11th of April. All the glamour of my life, haha.

May 20, 2015


by ada

Untitled 87

Untitled 22

Untitled 84j

Untitled 7

Untitled 19

Untitled 16lll

Untitled 81

Untitled 24

Untitled 51m

Untitled 57

Untitled 25o

Untitled 28n

May 19, 2015

Mödling – part 2

by ada

Untitled 110

Untitled 134

Untitled 123

Untitled 103

Untitled 64

Untitled 33

Untitled 115

Untitled 127

Untitled 142

Untitled 131

Untitled 66

Untitled 26

Untitled 93

Untitled 41

May 18, 2015

Mödling – part 1

by ada

Untitled 1

Untitled 3

Untitled 79

Untitled 114

Untitled 82

Untitled 69

Untitled 96

Untitled 121

Untitled 40

Untitled 102

Untitled 77

Untitled 38

Untitled 87

Untitled 11

Untitled 45

Untitled 47

Untitled 55

Untitled 57

Untitled 63

Untitled 56

Untitled 59

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