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July 5, 2012


by ada

I’m trying really hard not to buy books because I know just too well how complicated moving becomes through having tons of them, and I’m moving quite frequently. I still have things stored in Graz and in Holland. Of course if you do have enough money it’s just fine (everything is fine if you do have enough money, haha) but if you don’t, it ends up being a serious issue. But not buying books is somewhat difficult for me, so I’m really proud of myself, because that’s all my library gained in two months. It could be much worse.

The mirror shows the delicate taste of my landlord. I hate it with my very heart.

June 11, 2012


by ada

I spent the whole day with shopping and getting myself frustrated. I bought things I really needed (or badly wanted, ahem, hello, 99% Lindt chocolate and flowery clothes with lace) but I always get The Guilts if I happen to buy something. It’s the result of spending my childhood and studying time in most poetical and romantic poverty, I guess.

June 4, 2012


by ada

Food! I bought food! I have food! The hunger weeks are passed!

Since I moved to Austria, I didn’t really earned any money until now, so I made the last two weeks through with having only 2 euros 79 cents (at least at the beginning I had it, haha). Growing up in a family that’s finances are barely above the minimal life standard (I mean Hungarian life standard. You, Western Europeans don’t even try to imagine it), and having studied eight years abroad without any financial support, which means leading the double life of whole-time working and whole-time studying (yes, I’m a superhero and I never sleep), I became an expert survivor. Unfortunately this also resulted that I have no feeling for money at all, which is rather understandable, because I never had the possibility to learn how to deal with it. Life is complicated but eating is good.

For bonus a photo of the swimming Pegasus, because I’m on a Pegasus-kick lately.

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