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November 7, 2016

make songs for death as you would sing to love

by ada

Kocsis Zoltán, 1952.05.30 – 2016.11.06

May 21, 2015

ich bin Ewig dein aufrichtig dich liebender bruder

by ada

Untitled 118

Untitled 43

November 30, 2013

yea, I have looked, and seen November there

by ada

My November list: cat comics, again, this time completely without words; a classic detective story; a disturbing book, with strange, overly philosophical discussions between a donkey and a monkey, related to the Holocaust; some Mozart fiction that pissed me off*; and a children’s book with cute drawings that made me lol in the bookstore while looking for a Santa present** for Móricka.

*  Why on Earth does a person, who is deeply convinced that Mozart! needs!! somebody else!!! to tune a piano, write a book about Mozart? Couldn’t she find a theme she is at least minimally acquainted with? I mean, people, can tune a piano and I’m definitely not Mozart. And what do you think, should I write a fiction book based on some quantum physics theory? I sure have as much knowledge of the behaviour of elementary particles as this woman has of Mozart and his era.

** Fyi, in Hungary Santa has nothing to do with Christmas. They both are totally different businesses, with Santa coming three weeks before Christmas. The Christmas presents are brought by Baby Jesus or, as in my non-Christian family that still celebrates Christmas, by the Baby Angel (because a celestial genderless infant is clearly a much better choice than a divine neonate, yes).

November readings

October 6, 2013

Innsbruck retrospective – the rainy edition

by ada

Inssbruck in the rain

Mozart memorial sign Innsbruck

Innsbruck houses 7

Annasäule Innsbruck

rainy Innsbruck 2

Tiroler Adler

Hofgarten Innsbruck



house near Alpenzoo Innsbruck

fog over the river Inn

view of river Inn and Innsbruck houses

June 25, 2013

Salzburg – Mozart-Wohnhaus (Tanzmeisterhaus)

by ada

Mozart Wohnhaus Entrance


Mozart Portraits



Julius Meinl

May 25, 2013

Salzburg – Mozarts Geburtshaus

by ada

Mozart handwriting

Mozats Geburtshaus 1


Mozats Geburtshaus 5

Mozats Geburtshaus 4




January 30, 2013

Salzburg – the inhabitants

by ada





Che Guevara

Mozart graffiti

October 4, 2012

music of the week – Dies irae from Missa pro Defuncto Archiepiscopo Sigismondo, MH 155 of Michael Haydn

by ada

After a big, big break caused by computer troubles and serious time deficit due to my horrible work schedule, I’m back with my Salzburg Early Music Composers Series. This time it’s all about Michael Haydn, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn, who, according to his contemporaries, was an even more talented boy soprano than Joseph and who loved Salzburg enough to turn down Prince Esterházy’s offer about a job as vice-Kapellmeister at the Eisenstadt court.

This Requiem is the perfect funeral music, so that its function was recognised even by my musically totally untalented mother.* Michael Haydn wrote it for the death of his employer, Archbishop Sigismund von Schrattenbach, but it has also a more personal note: his only child, Aloisia Josefa died at the same year, short before her first birthday. Wether Haydn, nor his wife, Magdalena Lipp, a famous soprano of the time, have recovered again from the sorrow. Actually, poor Magdalena went quite mad, wearing strange robes and beating herself in public as self-punishment, and Haydn started drinking.

It’s a well-known fact that this Requiem was a source of inspiration for Mozart when writing his own, famous one. He, at the age of fifteen, played the third violin at the funeral of Schrattenbach. The Mozart family was on good terms with Haydn and both Leopold and Wolfgang respected his talent and works, despite of the fact that, in his letters to his son, Leopold (“Daddy”) Mozart heavily criticised Haydn’s love of good wines.

I chose the video from pure patriotism. We could argue about nationality and could remember all the numerous injustice the Habsburg dynasty did to us, Hungarians in the past, but nothing will annul the almost 500 years in which we shared history. Even if the present life and politics of Austria is completely different than that of Hungary, their past remains also our past forever and their culture became ours (well, actually was forced on us, if we want to be precise). That’s why my patriotic soul was hurt so deeply when I came to know that, from the whole European nobility, only the Habsburg people weren’t invited to the Royal Wedding a year ago. Such a shame. Well, William and Kate, you can be famous,  rich and pretty but you have no manners. That’s quite clear.

* I know that criticising your parents isn’t that polite, but well, truth is truth, and it was not my mother I inherited my musical talent from. I guess it has something to do with the mathematician genes of my father. Or it’s just simply the blood of my Ukrainian great-grandfather, who was reported to sing (and, ehm, also to drink) on every day of his life.

June 19, 2012

Salzburg – traces of music

by ada

April 30, 2012


by ada

And that’s what I’m looking at right now (the lack of own internet connection makes my life more adventurous than ever).

April 29, 2012

Salzburg – the second round

by ada

April 27, 2012


by ada

Guess, in which city I am right now.

July 26, 2010

hommage à Mozart

by ada

June 22, 2010

workin’ day and night

by ada

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