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February 12, 2013

the place where Germany meets Austria

by ada

Do you remember the place where Germany meets Austria? Well, that’s not the only one. Germany and Austria share a border of 784 kilometers, with some beautiful spots, and I plan to explore as many of them as I can in my remaining few months in Salzburg.

The place where the river Salzach takes a turn and forms the peninsula the small German town of Laufen is located on is called Salzachschleife. The word “laufen” actually means “to run” in German, which is a funny name for a city, especially for such a sleepy little one, like this. There are two bridges linking the towns Oberndorf (Austria) and Laufen (Germany): the Salzachbrücke and the Europasteg.

This is the Salzachbrücke:


The German side:

Laufen from bridge

And the Austrian:

Oberndorf from bridge

And that’s the Salzach in both directions:



While in Austria spring has already arrived…


…in Germany somebody was greeting me personally with this huge capital A in the snow:


Maybe these German ducks?


The other bridge, Europasteg with the Kalvarienberg-Kapelle in Oberndorf as seen from Germany:


And the view of Laufen from the Totenberg in Austria:

Laufen oben

And finally, the Salzachschleife itself (inside of the circle is Germany, outside is Austria):



February 11, 2013

silent night

by ada

Today I visited the Stille-Nacht-Kapelle, a memorial on the place of the original church where the Christmas hymn Silent Night, composed by  the village teacher Franz Xaver Gruber, was first sung on the Holy Eve of 1818. It’s located in the small city of Oberndorf, just a half-an-hour train ride from Salzburg.



Untitled 8

Gruber 2

silent night chapel 2

silent night original scores

Untitled 13

Untitled 3


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