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January 19, 2013

the reading kind

by ada

At the age of one Móricka has already perfectly acquired our family habit of reading while eating.


January 17, 2013

by ada

After three horrible night shifts in a row I was just too tired to concentrate on such unimportant details as grabbing my camera before leaving for Budapest. Unfortunately I still have my phone with me.

The Cat


July 9, 2012


by ada

Something I haven’t done in nine months: sharing my phone number.

June 19, 2012


by ada

Well, the Girl Who Had No Phone period of my life is over, I guess. Me, on duty.

June 18, 2012


by ada

Meet my new phone. I switched my old one off in October last year, when depression moved in into my life, and lived almost nine months without having one. And it was good. I didn’t miss being connected to the people I was connected to before. I lived outside of time and society. I wasn’t happy, because if you are dealing with clinical depression, you are rarely happy (I’m putting it nicely. Actually, if you are dealing with clinical depression, you feel like a tiny bit of sh*t. Later on you don’t feel anything anymore. It’s even worse). But I learnt a lot through being depressed, even if it isn’t worth it. Feeling bad and watching helplessly as your life is being wrecked, is never worth it. But, well, at least I can proudly call myself The Person Who Lived Without A Phone For Nine Months. I’m quite unique with it, I guess, at least here in Europe. Even my mother has one :o)

I also didn’t open my real life email account since October. I still need some more time to be able to do it and face all the people and problems I left back or the ones that are still to come. Let’s hope next Christmas won’t pass without me reading my mails, haha.

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