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May 7, 2014

for you don’t count the dead when God’s on your side

by ada

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March 15, 2014

on an occasion of national mourning

by ada

Today we celebrate the most important national holiday in Hungary, the outbreak of the 1848 revolution against the Habsburg Empire. There are festivities held everywhere right now, but I am so annoyed by the way things go here* that I refuse to participate in anything Hungarian. If you are interested in the history of this day, you can read my post on it from two years ago. 

I took these photos yesterday, after getting pissed off both by my previous workplace, the Medical University of Budapest and by the Chamber of Hungarian Health Care Professionals. My problem is that I lived in Western Europe for the last 10 years. And I expect logic in official administration. I tend to forget that this is Hungary, where logic has simply no tradition.

* well, actually by how they don’t go**

** I had some major frustrations caused by Hungarian bureaucracy lately***

*** what lately! Every f*cking day there is a new, totally pointless frustration just to make life a little less bearable than it already is; and by every day I mean every. single. day. I’m about to lose my sanity, because life here is really that ridiculous.

P.S.: I did not intend to leave my flat today, because the weather is terrible and I’m in no patriotic mood, but I had to pick up my mother at the bus station. So I kept myself entertained on the underground by guessing my fellow passengers’ political sentiments and calculating the results of the April elections, using this scheme I just invented (I was born to be an independent political analyst):

  • Elderly female, wears tricolour cockade –  Deeply religious (Catholic). Loves “our Viktor”; if she gets the opportunity, she even tries to kiss his hand. Votes for Fidesz.
  • Young male, wears tricolour cockade – Has superiority complex. Visits archery clubs and manages his private correspondence using ancient Hungarian runes. Thinks that it’s his responsibility to clear the country of Roma and Jewish people. Votes for Jobbik, obviously.
  • Young female, wears tricolour cockade – Deeply religious (Catholic). Believes that the women’s main (only) mission in life is childbearing. Marries Archery Boy right after college. By the age of thirty has already six children. Never goes to work again. Votes for Jobbik.
  • Elderly male, doesn’t wear tricolour cockade – a relict of the former Socialist regime. Had the time of his life during the Kádár era as a socialist youth leader. Still believes in social equality and the equal distribution of wealth. Votes for MSZP.
  • Young male, doesn’t wear tricolour cockade – liberal atheist/gay/socially conscious, practising Jew. Is disgusted by the present state of Hungarian politics. Worries about Jobbik and is naïve enough to believe that he still has a chance. Votes for LMP.

In my independent opinion, Fidesz will win the April elections and will form a coalition with Jobbik. Hungary will declare itself as a politically independent kingdom, that will still accept (demand) financial help from the EU, but is superior to other countries of the world. Women will lose their right to vote and have to pay “childless tax” if they are still single (and childless) at the age of thirty. Gay people will be publicly prosecuted. Children have to practise archery at school. Books will only be printed using runes and Hungarians have to learn to read from the right to the left. Falcons and mangalica pigs will be the only pets allowed. All men will be obliged to wear moustaches and/or beards (this will make us a land full of outdated hipsters).

Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

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January 13, 2014

Formerly Communist Love Sonnet

by ada


játszani is engedd

Olympic Bear Moscow 1

Soviet star


Soviet flag




Memento Park

January 13, 2014

Budapest – Memento Park

by ada

Memento Soviet Hungarian friendship 2

Memento Park 50

Memento Park 48

Memento Park 59

Memento Park 41

Memento 56


Memento Soviet soldier

Memento Park 30

Stalin's boots

Memento Park Lenin 1

Memento Park 44

Memento Park 39

Memento Park 10

September 7, 2013

Budapest – ARC 2013

by ada

ARC 24




ARC 14


ARC 18

ARC 16


ARC 25

ARC 13


ARC 23

July 11, 2013

Mini Salzburg 2013

by ada

Mini Salzburg is an educational summer day camp, held every two years, where children have their own “state”, they chose their government democratically and learn, how society works. It looks pretty fun and the kids definitely seem to enjoy it.

You might not know about it (which is fine; who knows anything about Hungary anyway, haha), but this kind of children’s republic actually existed in reality, in Hungary, after WW2. It was called Gaudiopolis (Joy City) and gave home for almost 800 orphans between the years 1945 and 1950. It was founded by a Lutheran pastor, Sztehlo Gábor, maintained autonomy and was financially, politically and culturally completely independent from the Hungarian government. The children received education by Sztehlo and his volunteers, and also worked to support themselves. Gaudiopolis had  its own constitution and laws, a prime minister chosen democratically by the children themselves, a democratic parliament and an own monetary system with own currency (Gapo-Dollar). They also practised complete freedom of religion. Except for some occasionally donations from the International Red Cross, they received help neither from the Hungarian government, nor private persons. In 1950, the Hungarian Communist Party took the buildings away and the children were transported into state orphanages. Democracy (both for children and adults) was over for the next forty years.

The 1947 movie Valahol Európában (Somewhere in Europe), is loosely based on the real story of Gaudiopolis and is considered to be one of the best Hungarian movies ever. You can read its (very short) English summary here or watch the whole movie here (in Hungarian, though). Some information on Sztehlo Gábor is here. I couldn’t find anything about Gaudiopolis in English, which really is a shame, because it was quite a unique phenomenon in the European (and, I guess, also in the international) politics.

And some photos of Mini Salzburg.

Mini Salzburg 1

Mini Salzburg 20

Mini Salzburg 4

Mini Salzburg 6

Mini Salzburg 7

Mini Salzburg 23

Mini Salzburg 15

Mini Salzburg 22

Mini Salzburg 11

Mini Salzburg 8

Mini Salzburg 2

Mini Salzburg 10

Mini Salzburg 18

Mini Salzburg 14

Mini Salzburg 21

Mini Salzburg 5

Mini Salzburg 17

Mini Salzburg 19

Mini Salzburg 16

Mini Salzburg 13

December 21, 2012


by ada

During the past three weeks I paused this project due to the sudden, very serious illness of my father. Neither did I have time for photography nor did I feel appropriate taking photos of my workday dinner plates while having so much other things to worry about. Now things seem to stabilize a bit and I’m sort of back in my regular life and to this project.

I planned to write about our infamous health care system and about how fragile and vulnerable you get at the moment you are put at the mercy of our health care professionals but really, it just has no sense at all. While it’s definitely not okay and makes me a very bad conscience, at this moment all I feel about Hungary is shame. I look at our politics, the way people interact each other, their mentality and its impact on everyday life and I feel shame for being Hungarian. And I look at the nurses in our hospitals, the lack of their professional knowledge, the way they communicate with patients and take care of them (or, actually the way they don’t take care of them), and I feel shame for being a nurse, I feel shame for ever having been part of this ridiculous game called Hungarian Health Care System.

I surely am pretty irritated right now and there surely are exceptions, of course. It’s just like I’d have lost the last of my illusions and the hope that things can ever get better in this country of corruption and desperation.


June 22, 2012


by ada

Movie evening with colleagues. We had a whole hall reserved for us and watched this film, with a small party afterwards, on which occasion I managed to stand right next to the Deputy Mayor of Salzburg. Simply call it the first step of my glorious political career.

April 15, 2012

Budapest – March of the Living 2012

by ada

April 15, 2012


by ada

16. April is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hungary – it was the day when Hungarian Jews were first forced into ghettos in 1944. The March of the Living, an annual memorial walk takes place the evening before.

March 15, 2012

by the God of the Hungarians

by ada

Hungarian history is a long, straight line of tragical, ill-fated revolutions against different suppressive authorities. Being genetically coded for unhappiness, we insist to remember and celebrate all of them. Today is the anniversary of our unsuccessful revolution against the Habsburg empire in 1848.

We went for a walk to the castle district to see some of the festivities.

The weather was beautiful:

The street decorations were appropriate, festive and family friendly:

Hungarian folk music was played with various instruments:

There was opportunity to dance (or just to look at the professional folk dancers):

Masters of traditional Hungarian handwork presented their crafting process and sold their art:

People had picnic on the grass or took a stroll down the streets:

Children had fun:

One could buy traditional, painted Hungarian gingerbread and our national stuffed dragon Süsü, who is famous for having only one head but a happy soul:

There were plenty of delicious treats to choose from:

And of course there were also Hussars in picturesque robes, their facial hair styled in the Hungarian way. We are a martial nation, there were even times when whole Europe feared our arrows. All those times are gone more than a thousand years ago but we still proudly remember. We have a good (even if somewhat selective) memory and a collective unconscious Jung could be proud of.

People were proud of being Hungarian:

But even because we are Hungarians and proud of it, none of our holidays can pass without politics and demonstrations:

And well. Ehm. How to say it nicely. Dear Poland. If you want him, take him. For free. Asap.

The title of the post comes from a poem that is traditionally recited during the festivities every year and was written by the poet Petőfi Sándor, who died in the revolution at the age of 26. You can read the whole (terrible) translation here.

February 13, 2012


by ada

Due to the extremely cold weather for the past two weeks, the Danube started to freeze over. The last time it was completely covered with ice so that people could walk on it, was in 1982, thirty years ago. I really do hope it won’t happen this winter; I don’t want our selfmade Glorious King and National Hero of Orbán Viktor to get the idea of having a coronation party on the frozen ice as did our great king Mátyás in 1458 (he was actually the last Hungarian politician who managed to keep up with Europe). Making a big theatrical scene and accepting the admiration of the manipulated plebs while thinking himself as big as Mátyás but much cooler, is exactly his thing. And, I am sad to admit, this is also what the biggest part of the Hungarian population would appreciate. Why can’t we behave normal, I really wonder.


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