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March 7, 2012


by ada

Concert of the Gabrieli Choir, performing contemporary English church music at Central European University. Well, how to say it nicely. I didn’t like it. Partly because with my depression I completely lost the ability of enjoying the things I used to enjoy before. I haven’t touched my instruments in five months and I don’t listen to music anymore. (I hope it will change soon, otherwise I’ll get a serious identity crisis about being a musician). Partly because contemporary vocal music is just not really my thing. Despite of spending long, long years in different groups (most of them was obligatory as being part of my musical education) I am not a choir person myself. And partly because after studying early music for eight years in four different conservatories of the world I am not used to the level of amateur choirs anymore. I like it if the difference between the composition being a peculiar one and the singers not hitting the right note, is clear. This time, it wasn’t. There were some interesting pieces performed though and I really liked Will Todd’s Mass in Blue, but the whole concert was rather boring. And they could have worked more on the balance, because the poor solo soprano was often not to be heard (to be fair, it was not always the fault of the drummer or the choir. She actually had no volume enough. I’m definitely not the person who prefers a loud voice to a nice voice, but, well, sometimes volume is just needed, and there is nothing you could do about it). And if a performer (or a group) specializes in a certain era or style, he should be consequent about it. He should decide which pronounciation is to use if singing in Latin, for example: the English variety because the pieces are composed by English composers, or the Hungarian one, because the members of the choir are Hungarian and they perform in Hungary. But using a mixture of the two pronounciations during the same concert is a professional mistake. And such small mistakes destroy the style and homogenity of a programme rather quickly. But for an amateur choir it was a decent job, so I should really stop being overly critical.

And despite of my not-so-enthusiastic attitude I’m really happy that, after five months of complete silence, I was able to visit a concert again. It’s a good sign.

Of course I wasn’t able to make any decent photos. I won’t start complaining about my camera being sooo terrible because I feel that my fixation on this topic starts to be really boring. I just silently mention here that I’m not the sort of person who annoys other people during performance with climbing through rows of chairs for the holy purpose of finding the perfect angle for shooting photos from. As compensation for the poor quality (and for the unusually long post written in my shabby English), I offer you a bonus picture (also blurry) of the Danube by night, taken right before the concert.

May 4, 2009

the end of early music

by ada

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