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May 25, 2015

April recap

by ada

April found me in Hungary, where I visited the ruins of the Schossberger castle in Tura,

Untitled 171 (2)

celebrated my father’s birthday,

Untitled 82

hunted some Easter Eggs with Milo and Móricka,

Untitled 181

and took photos of every blossoming tree that came my way.

Untitled 51

After Easter I travelled back to Vienna to work my socks off enjoy spring weather,

Vienna spring

play tourist,


and continue discovering my neighbourhood.

Untitled 34

I spent an afternoon in Mödling,

Untitled 90

where I walked in weird woods,

Untitled 26o

picked flowers,

Untitled 50

and met a post-Easter bunny.

Untitled 36 (2)

I visited the House of Music,


and went to the Vienna Air King contest to see some flying bikes (of which occasion some photos are yet to be shared) (if only I could find the time).

Untitled 65d

The rest of the month was not the least blogworthy. I worked/slept it through without taking a single photo after the 11th of April. All the glamour of my life, haha.

May 12, 2015

Tura – inside Schossberger castle

by ada

Untitled 31a

Untitled 337

Untitled 355

Untitled 261

Untitled 92

Untitled 206

Untitled 358

Untitled 61

Untitled 124

Untitled 107

Untitled 200

Untitled 143

Untitled 324

Untitled 131

Untitled 10

Untitled 101

Untitled 64

Untitled 245

Untitled 248

Untitled 193

Untitled 35l

Untitled 242

April 30, 2015

Tura – Schossberger castle

by ada

Tura 113

Tura 54

Tura 61

Untitled 220

Tura 99

Tura 83

Tura 98


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