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May 25, 2014

Budapest – Terror Háza (House of Terror)

by ada

Terror Háza is a museum dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Arrow Cross Party (the Hungarian Nazi party before and during WWII) and of the Communist/Socialist regime. It’s situated in the building that was functioning as the headquarters of the secret police, where the interrogations and murders took place.

Terror Háza 28

Terror Háza 22

Terror Háza 38

Terror Háza 43

Terror Háza 45

Terror Háza 39

Terror Háza 47

Terror Háza 13

Terror Háza 6

Terror Háza 12

Terror Háza 7

May 7, 2014

for you don’t count the dead when God’s on your side

by ada

Untitled 84

Untitled 82

Untitled 81

Untitled 162

Untitled 161

Untitled 158

Untitled 126

Untitled 130

Untitled 128

Untitled 134

January 13, 2014

Formerly Communist Love Sonnet

by ada


játszani is engedd

Olympic Bear Moscow 1

Soviet star


Soviet flag




Memento Park

January 13, 2014

Budapest – Memento Park

by ada

Memento Soviet Hungarian friendship 2

Memento Park 50

Memento Park 48

Memento Park 59

Memento Park 41

Memento 56


Memento Soviet soldier

Memento Park 30

Stalin's boots

Memento Park Lenin 1

Memento Park 44

Memento Park 39

Memento Park 10

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