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March 26, 2012


by ada

Today I visited Kopaszi-gát, a small dam on the Danube. It’s quite a new place of recreation, with a modern playhouse for children and cafés and clubs that are being built right now. I have never been there before, because it became very quickly too fashionable and trendy for my style. I like old and abandonned places that are out of fashion. Being “trendy” is also so horribly important in Hungary. I have never experienced this hectic urge and fear about Zeitgeist in any other country I’ve lived before, and I simply just cannot get used to it. I automatically go defiant if I notice anything being forced on me under the name of fashion, but well, being “not trendy” is also trendy in other subcultures, so trying to avoid being banal is a hopeless attempt in the Hungarian society.

Anyway, Kopaszi-gát, despite of its reputation, is a cheerful little place, so I’m glad I visited it.

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