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September 17, 2015

Wien – Stefflkirtag

by ada

Untitled 1

Untitled 36

Untitled 27b

Untitled 18o

Untitled 50


Untitled 28m

Untitled 34

Untitled 31é

Untitled 47l

Untitled 36l

Steffl 13

September 15, 2015

Wien – the catacombs of Stephansdom

by ada

Untitled 6

Untitled 39

Untitled 19

Untitled 12

Untitled 52

Untitled 45

Untitled 31

Untitled 57

Untitled 51

June 15, 2015

Wien – the view from the Nordturm

by ada

Untitled 103

Untitled 87

Untitled 96

Untitled 91

Untitled 93

Untitled 127

Untitled 101

Untitled 137

Untitled 104

Untitled 90

Untitled 113

Untitled 140

Untitled 98

Untitled 95

Untitled 100

Untitled 129

Untitled 131

Untitled 106

June 14, 2015

a matter of perspective

by ada

Untitled 111

Untitled 112

February 8, 2015

January recap

by ada

In January I…

…travelled back to Vienna after Christmas break,

Wien Hauptbahnhof

…still had (umm, still have) Christmas decoration up,

Untitled 67

…was exhausted most of the time, and spent the majority of my days off at home, wearing knitted cat slippers (because in my heart I’m still three and a half years old),

cat slippers

…ate lots of red and orange food (and lots of junk food too, which is not pictured here because I am pretentious),

red food

…bought fresh flowers for the first time in like, two years (my life is clearly not the same instagram-worthy bliss of twee perfection everyone else seems to experience lately),

tulips 1

…took (a very few) walks in my neighbourhood,

Untitled 16

…photographed some butterflies (living ones, this time),

Wien Schmetterlingshaus 6

…got this pear from my patient, an elderly Bosnian lady. She assured me that I can safely eat it, because “it’s halal”. I have a deep respect for people who are committed to a certain way of life because of their faith. Maybe because the only thing concerning religion I really believe in is that it does not matter at all.


…completed my two months long rotation on the cardiology ward and started my next rotation period of code duty, on the ICU,


…climbed all the 343 stairs to the top of the Stephansdom. This experience made me recognise the sad fact, that the last time I was fit for life, was the day I gave up getting tennis lessons five times a week (at the age of seventeen. A long, long time ago it was, a dreary time it is),


…and looked over the freshly renovated roofs of the Stephanskirche Vienna.

Untitled 103

February 5, 2015

Wien – view from the top of the Südturm

by ada

Untitled 35

Untitled 24

Untitled 25

Untitled 118

Untitled 99

Untitled 140

January 27, 2015

Wien – inside Stephansdom

by ada

Stephansdom 50

Stephansdom 39

Stephansdom 27

Stephansdom 7

Stephansdom 18

Stephansdom 53

Stephansdom 23

Stephansdom 14

Stephansdom 17

Stephansdom Bethlehem

Mother Theresa

Stephansdom 33

Stephansdom 11

Stephansdom 30

November 19, 2014


by ada

Wien 2

Wien 1

Stephansplatz 1

Stephansdom 1

Stephansdom 2

horses at Stephansplatz

Pizza Bizi

Roterturm 1

me in wien

May 19, 2014

seventeen moments of spring – part 3

by ada

Untitled 1

Untitled 5


dancing lemur

Füvészkert 27



November 11, 2013

city that does not sleep

by ada

Wien beleuchtetes Stephansdom

Wien Blumengeschäft

Wien Stephansplatz

Wien Julius Meinl

Wien Hotdogstand

October 2, 2013

Wien – Stephanskirche

by ada

A frustrating afternoon-trip to Vienna, where I didn’t succeed in getting anything done except these two photos.

Stephansdom Wien 1

Stephansdom Wien 2

April 17, 2012

little bits of Wien – part 1

by ada

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