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September 29, 2013

a song for September

by ada

readings September

And these were my books for September. I finally, finally! managed to get Captain Simonini out of my life*, got upset about a certain translator’s shocking lack of ability to use her own native language correctly**, learnt about the life and times of Stephen Hawking****, and met Nancy Drew for the first time*****. Not that bad a month, I dare say.

* I can’t believe it took me 3 months to finish this book. Depression made me an illiterate, I’m afraid. Plus, I hated Simonini in a way I’ve never hated any imaginary person before.  I tend to be pretty forgiving/indifferent towards fictional characters, but he is such. a. rat. I’m so happy to be done with him forever.

** And this woman still gets translating jobs and takes money for doing them shitty. I counted 14 grammar and interpretation mistakes during the first 26 pages. Then I gave up counting. My English is nothing I could be proud of but I speak my native language, which is Hungarian, flawlessly. I thought it was normal amongst native Hungarians (especially amongst ones that seem to make their living by taking advantage of speaking a language that only the wee amount of another 10 million people understand), but apparently it is not. I’m pretty firm on this subject, though. If you are not able to speak even your own native language properly, do NOT take translation jobs/do copywriting. Learn your own mother tongue before you wish to earn your money through/with it. It’s a fair condition, I guess.***

*** I am aware of the fact that I’m blogging in a language I am very, very far from mastering, and I should consider taking my own advice before forcing it on other people. The difference is (and this is a difference that actually counts) that I don’t earn money through blogging in shitty English. And she earns money through using shitty Hungarian. My socialist ethics just can’t bear with the impertinence of this behaviour. I would like to live in a world where everyone makes their living through jobs he/she is really good at. No creative writing majors giving flute lessons. No mathematicians cleaning public toilets. No musicology graduates doing nursing jobs. I’m dreaming of a fair world of unlimited market for those of us with useless university degrees.

**** I owe so much to Stephen Hawking. Everything I know about the universe (which is not that much, I’m afraid) I know it from him. His ideas may go out of fashion one day as scientific theories usually do, but I will never stop believing in event horizons and imaginary time.

***** It’s actually embarrassing that with all my enthusiastic interest in vintage detective stories and mysteries I have never read any Nancy Drew stories before. To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed. I’ve grown out of the target age group pretty long ago, I guess. Unfortunately, during my teens I was too busy with reading All The Important Literature Classics (we talk Dostoyevsky and co. here) and during my twenties I preferred medicine books and Early Baroque music treatises written in Medieval German to witty girl detectives. And for now, I’ve already missed my chance to be impressed by Nancy Drew, I’m afraid.

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