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May 21, 2014

Budapest – Holnemvolt Park, part 1

by ada

Holnemvolt 2

Holnemvolt 24

Holnemvolt 1

Holnemvolt 38

Holnemvolt 39

Holnemvolt 34

Holnemvolt 32

Holnemvolt 40

Holnemvolt 7

Holnemvolt 29

Holnemvolt 46

May 17, 2014

how to be a lemur – on dancing

by ada

lemurs 24


dancing lemur 4

dancing lemur 12

lemurs 23

dancing lemur 5

dancing lemur 1

dancing lemur 10

lemur 13

May 16, 2014

how to be a lemur – on socializing

by ada

lemur 14

gazing lemur

lemurs 16

lemurs 20

lemurs 36


lemurs 40

flying lemur 2

lemurs 7


two lemurs

May 15, 2014

Veszprém – Zoo

by ada

I had my finger bitten by a pine marten at this very zoo more than thirty years ago. How time flies.


cute animal gets sunbath

desert foxes

baby giraffe


lemur 10

lemur 8


lemurs 10

February 10, 2014

swan story

by ada

swans 5

swan 6

swan 4

swan 5

February 9, 2014

poetry of departures

by ada


January 30, 2014

Budapest – Tropicarium

by ada

fish Tropicarium

singing fish Tropicarium

worried fish Tropicarium

fish tail Tropicarium

snake Tropicarium

snake tail Tropicarium

crocodile Tropicarium

silk monkey with big hair Tropicarium

finch Tropicarium


cute blue frog Tropicarium

crab Tropicarium

two blue fish Tropicarium

fish scales Tropicarium

shark Tropicarium

fish 4 Tropicarium

fish 7 Tropicarium

funny fish with dots Tropicarium


white fish Tropicarium

rája Tropicarium

lots of fish Tropicarium

October 9, 2013

how to be an alpine daw

by ada

alpine daw 9

alpine daw

alpine daws 2

alpine daws

alpine daw 12

alpine daw 4

alpine daw flies over Untersberg

alpine daw 6

October 1, 2013

Innsbruck – Alpenzoo

by ada

Alpenzoo 16

Alpenzoo 17

Alpenzoo 19

Alpenzoo 14

Untitled 28

Untitled 29

Alpenzoo 2

Untitled 30

Alpenzoo 5

Alpenzoo 7

Alpenzoo 8

Alpenzoo 10

Alpenzoo 11

Alpenzoo 15

Alpenzoo 1a

Alpenzoo 6

Alpenzoo 21

Alpenzoo 18

April 23, 2013

Hellbrunn Zoo – some colours

by ada

Hellbrunn Zoo



lilac flowers


prayer flags


golden rain

April 23, 2013

portraits of a lemur

by ada





April 23, 2013

Hellbrunn Zoo and the lessons it taught me

by ada

I haven’t visited a zoo in like twenty years* so it  was a new experience and I definitely learnt a lot:

  1. Zoos are not for children. I haven’t seen a single child there
  2.  People who actually visit the zoo can be put into one of the following categories:
    • young couples
    • not so young couples
    • weird single ladies who talk to the animals (yep, that’s me)
    • tourists
    • groups of cool Turkish guys in their early twenties
  3. Talking to your dog/cat/parrot/pet rabbit is socially acceptable. Calling a water pig you haven’t met before, “sweetie”, in public, makes people avoid you
  4. Crying out the word “kukk!” may make your 15 months old nephew look at you every time, but it definitely doesn’t make the bears/lions/rabbits/geckos look at you
  5. The cheetah will look at you.
  6. Having eye-contact with the cheetah through the zoom of your camera freezes your spine
  7. Photographing monkeys is even more difficult than photographing children. I worship wildlife photographers endlessly
  8. Even a turtle can be too quick if shooting with a mediocre camera

* visits to the kinderboerderij at Clingendael with the babies I used to babysit doesn’t count

carts for kids at Hellbrunn Zoo

Hellbrunn Zoo

brown bear

some reptile

please don't feed the vulture




monkey shadow



animals with horns

hidden zebra



silk monkey

lemur gets free and treatens touris

napping pumas



domestic mouse

mangalica pig

old male sheep

sheep insults visitor

March 22, 2013

Despereaux Jr.

by ada

Meet Despereaux Junior. We found him on the first floor nurses room terrace, suffering from severe hypothermia. We put him in a sterile urine container padded with gauze sheets and I took him home with me. He got a dinner of cucumbers, parrot seeds and some aged grana padano cheese I brought home from Venice. My coworker also donated some milk for him. When the temperature finally gets above zero I will reintroduce him to the big wild world. If we are stuck in the Ice Age forever as it seriously seems to be the case, he will grow up to be a domesticated mouse and will eat aged cheese on every day of his tiny life.

despereaux jr

June 24, 2012


by ada

I visited the Salzachsee today and met this swan there. He looks as if he saw something really shocking.

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